Ega Active

Empowering the Action

Born from the encounter between Ega Worldwide's experience and an evolving events market, Egactive is the new brand concept dedicated to sport, corporate and entertainment events.
A new creative, dynamic and interactive approach with a special focus on communication, digital, engagement and new technologies.

Ega Active
Ega Active
Ega Active
Ega Active
Ega Active
Ega Active

& live shows

An advanced method, inspiring and interactive, for design and managing creative formats where people are key players in memorable experiences.

  • Creative Concept
  • Branding & Art Direction
  • Set & Exhibition Design
  • Customer Experience

& sport events

A different mindset, dynamic yet functional, born from the fusion of professionals’ expertise and years of experience, to create high-profile events.

  • Event Design&Planning
  • Budget&Financial Management
  • Sales&Sponsorships
  • Logistic, Hospitality, Accomodation

interactive &
engaging experiences

An alternative proposal, engaging and spectacular, where the merging of online and offline solutions connect audiences on multiple levels and make them experience something new.

  • Fan Activation
  • SM Management & Media Plan
  • Digital&Influencer Marketing
  • Multisensorial Activities

tech & digital

A forward vision, innovative and curious, using applications, softwares and technological devices to set up new environments and activities.

  • Web Communication
  • Technological Set Up
  • VR, AR, ER, NFT
  • Multi-channel Strategy

Turning dreams into moments

Nome progetto
Nome progetto
Nome progetto
Nome progetto
Bocelli e Zanetti Night
Matera Città della Cultura
Carnevale di Milano
Nome progetto
Cena Ryder Cup

Connecting the skills

Gaetano Dieni Gaetano Dieni

Gaetano Dieni

Marketing & Communication

Alberto Zamboni Alberto Zamboni

Alberto Zamboni

Events & Projects

Giulia Lai Giulia Lai

Giulia Lai

Events & Projects

Simone Santese Simone Santese

Simone Santese

Creativity & Design

Riccardo Pizzuti Riccardo Pizzuti

Riccardo Pizzuti

Events & Projects

Roberta Pallucci Roberta Pallucci

Roberta Pallucci

Marketing & Communication

Daniele Pica Daniele Pica

Daniele Pica

Creativity & Design

Edoardo Mori Edoardo Mori

Edoardo Mori

Events & Projects

Greta Donna Greta Donna

Greta Donna

Marketing & Communication

Luigi Maria Dieni Luigi Maria Dieni

Luigi Maria Dieni

Events & Projects

Lorenzo Fucile Lorenzo Fucile

Lorenzo Fucile

Events & Projects

Claudia Lancianesi Claudia Lancianesi

Claudia Lancianesi

Events & Projects

Marco Frigerio Marco Frigerio

Marco Frigerio

Events & Projects

Eleonora Brandani Eleonora Brandani

Eleonora Brandani

Events & Projects

Guglielmo Della Porta Guglielmo Della Porta

Guglielmo Della Porta

Events & Projects

Marco Soprano Marco Soprano

Marco Soprano

Events & Projects